I'm into fractals, magickal theory, quantum physics, graphic design, philosophy, psychedelics, alternative comic books, stand-up comedy, and assorted stupid Internet bullshit.

If there’s anything that you really need to know about me, it’s I am a diagnosed type 2 bipolar with OCD and ADD, and I do not view any of these things as diseases or even disorders. They're conditions. Being fit is a condition. Being tall is a condition. It's just a set of circumstances, and it can be used to your advantage, if you're disciplined and self-observant enough. As far as I can tell the only distinction between a classic bipolar manic episode and a creative manic episode is that the bipolar mania tends to center around chaos, self-destruction, and risk-taking, where the creative mania is more about being conduit to process, perfection, fine-tuning, in which being obsessive becomes a solid trait for success, rather than a crippling disorder. I notice that I get most depressed when I'm not creative, and my mania is at its worst when it’s not properly channeled. I think "bipolar" is just another word for a creative person who isn't focused on the right things. Try to frame anything else you find out about me around this philosophy.

My content isn't for everyone. I tend to go in for really absurdist humor that most people seem to find completely inaccessible. I speculatively ramble for five paragraphs about UFOs, secret societies, or and other assorted nonsense, even though I don’t actually believe most of it. I make strange Photoshops and obsess about nonsense words and phrases. I classify myself as one of the only sane people I know.

I also come off as a judgmental asshole, I guess. If you require trigger warnings, want me use politically correct language, or expect me to “check my privilege”, then you can go fuck yourself. Get the hell off of my blog and never come back. I think the current trend of militant social justice is fucking bullshit. It doesn't take an awful lot of thought to be a decent human being. Get over yourself; you're not a hero because you told somebody to stop being a bigot. Respect needs to be earned, and the world doesn't owe you a goddamn thing.

Okay, I'm done now.

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